Mystery Solved

It's all in the packets, we just need to look.


CloudShark and Packet Detectives Announce CloudShark Academy

QA partners with Packet Detectives for all of your enterprise packet analysis training needs.  From administration of CloudShark Enterprise to best practices for collaboration surrounding packet capture and analysis, we've got the experience and materials you need.

Women In Wireshark Scholarships

Wireshark Foundation and Packet Detectives are committed to encouraging diversity in the Wireshark Community. To support that goal, we're donating two scholarships for SharkFest'22.

​Wireshark Posts

Wireshark Profiles Are Power

Wireshark profiles are a huge timesaver. When I open a pcap file in Wireshark, I want all of my settings, filters and color rules ready to go.  I don't want to recreate the wheel.

Wireshark Filter Button Groups

I live to filter Wireshark pcaps. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to look at packets. However, my goal is to only look at the necessary ones, not all 27 million of them. When I am looking at a TCP issues for example, that means a lot of different filters. 

​Troubleshooting Posts

How to Find The Culprit of A Broadcast Storm

A former student of mine just emailed me to ask a question: “Any tips for tracking down the originator of an ARP/Broadcast storm?  It seems to be happening daily from 0700-0800, almost like its scheduled.”  Here are two ways to approach:

Consider The Load Balancer

Troubleshooting network issues can be tricky. Adding a load balancer into the mix only makes it harder. Trying to discern if the load balancer is dropping packets, changing the packets, or adding more latency can be difficult. Here are some tricks of the trade to find the issues easily.