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    Packet Analysis & Training

    How Can We Help Solve Your Packet Mystery?

My application doesn't work! 
The network is slow! 

Having trouble isolating application or network slowdowns?  Tired of finger pointing between departments?  When users complain about their applications, they may suspect many different causes. They blame the network, the application, the firewall, the load balancer, the servers – they blame you.  Let an experienced Packet Detective sift through the evidence to quickly find the real culprit.  From user interviews to packet capture and analysis, we leave no stone unturned until the mystery is solved. 

Our Specialties

  • Providing application and network performance consulting
  • On-site set-up and configuration of packet capture equipment
  • Troubleshooting network and application issues
  • Remote packet capture (pcap) file analysis
  • Recommending improvements for future infrastructure plans and purchases
  • Teaching your teams how find the culprits themselves

We enjoy uncovering the root cause of application and network problems, suggesting solutions, and teaching others how to find and fix their own. Because we're both instructors and analysts, we're able to bring real world experience into the classroom, and classroom concepts to the real world.

Why Packet Analysis? - Time is Money

There’s a saying; Packets Don't Lie,” and it is true.  You can guess what might be causing an outage or slowdown, and you can make multiple changes, never really knowing which one made the difference. Yet when the problem happens again next week, you have to start all over again.  Capturing the packets sent by each entity, always yields definitive results.  Liken it to reading back the record in a court of law.  No one can dispute it.  Some clients prefer to learn how to troubleshoot for future issues and some want to hand the case over. We can work either way.

Don't Guess - Prove It

Why Packet Detectives?

Packet analysis can be overwhelming. We are experienced using the hardware and software necessary to gather the right data, in the right place, at the right time. Whether it is capturing with Wireshark, tcpdump, or a vendor product, we have over 20 years of experience interpreting the data and finding the issue.  Whether you need packet analysis, training in that analysis or one-on-one coaching, we can help you.

How Can We Help You?

Bring Us To The Crime Scene - Packet Analysis Onsite

The most efficient way to find the culprit is to bring us on site. We will determine the best locations to capture the data, then sift through the packets to isolate root cause.

Confidential Files
Send Us The Crime Scene - Remote Packet Analysis

Packet Detectives can also analyze your files for you.  We have a Secure Server at the ready.

Conference Room
Let Us Teach Your Team - Packet Analysis Training

We can also teach your team the best practices for solving packet crimes on their own.

Is My Company's Data Secure?

Absolutely. Our most important cornerstone is confidentiality. Files are transferred to us via secure protocols only. All files are destroyed after each engagement. We keep your data safe, and your reputation even safer.