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​So you can stop finger pointing and get back to business.
Packet Analysis
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​We Come To The Crime Scene
Packet Analysis Onsite

The most efficient way to find a culprit is to bring us on site. We will work with your team and interview users to determine the best locations to capture the data, then quickly sift through the packets to isolate root cause.

We bring an Endace Probe 124 with 3.8 terabytes of storage for long term capture to your site.  We can also make use of your capture equipment.

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​Send The Crime Scene To Us
Remote Packet Analysis

We can also analyze your files for you. Sometimes network engineers or software developers are already collecting Pcaps. You may be gathering data, but often need an expert to provide an unbiased and professional reading of the trace. Packet Detectives is here to help. Files can be uploaded via our Secure Site and analyzed right away.

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​Let Us Train Your Team
Packet Analysis Training

Let us teach your team. We can teach your team the best practices for solving packet crimes on their own. Some people learn best on in groups.  Others prefer one-on-one coaching sessions. With us, you can choose the environment that works best for you.

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Come To A Class
Packet Analysis Training

We also teach public classes.  This is perfect when you can't have the entire team out of pocket at once.  Being able to solely focus on the material enhances comprehension and retention.  You will come back to work ready to solve problems right away.

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We Can Figure Out Whodunit!
​So you can stop finger pointing 
​and get back to business.​​​

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