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Packet Analysis Can Be Overwhelming

Looking at millions of packets, knowing what to filter for, understanding the nuances of the protocols is an art.  Whether it is capturing with Wireshark, tcpdump or a vendor product, we have over 20 years of experience capturing, filtering and interpreting the packets to find the real culprit.

About Packet Detectives

The team at Packet Detectives are experienced professionals. Whether it is capturing with Wireshark, tcpdump, or a vendor product, we have over 20 years of experience reading the data and finding the issue. When you need packet analysis, training in that analysis, or one-on-one coaching, we can help you.

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About Betty DuBois

Betty DuBois is the Chief Detective for Packet Detectives, an application and network performance consulting and training firm based in the Washington DC area. She has been solving mysteries since 1997. 

Experienced with a range of hardware and software packet capture solutions, she captures the right data, in the right place, and at the right time to find the real culprit. Betty presents each year at SharkFest, the Wireshark Developer and User Conference, and is active in the Wireshark community.

Using packets to solve crimes against the network and applications is her passion. Teaching others to do the same is her calling.  She is known for her ability to make a dry, complex subject fun and interesting, by using both humor and real- world examples. Her certifications include:
  • Pluralsight Author
  • Certified Wireshark University Instructor
  • Wireshark Certified Network Analyst
  • Sniffer Certified Expert
  • SharkFest Presenter 2008-‘09, 2011-‘13, 2015-‘24

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